Top of funnel lead generation and deal acceleration for a
SaaS-based document management solution

Project overview:

Scan123 is a SaaS-based document management solution for car dealerships and other paper-based businesses. They ‘ve helped over 1,200 businesses save money and modernize their operations by transitioning their paper files into cloud-based document storage. Their objective was to increase top-of-funnel leads and support the efforts of their sales team to close bottom-of-funnel opportunities.

We began by creating a series of SEO-based blog posts that were sent to Scan123’s existing list. We then worked with the sales team to hone their messaging and dial in their workflows to ensure that prospects were being effectively nurtured. A new brochure, explainer video, and landing pages were created to support the sales process, and PPC ads were built to increase top-of-funnel leads. We are now working to reposition Scan123 so they can expand into adjacent markets and increase the pool of potential customers.

Ben has helped us level-up our marketing, tackling everything from blog post creation and Hubspot integrations to landing page design and sales development assets. He is easy to work with, a great communicator, and has become an integral part of our team. We know that Ben can handle anything we throw at him. If he can’t do it, he’ll find someone in his network who can.

Marissa Chaney, COO

Explainer video

To help prospects better understand the Scan123 platform we created a 4-minute explainer video. We started by writing the script then transitioned it into a storyboard and finally into an animated video with a voiceover. We’ve since used the video on the website, in our email communications and as a sales tool.


To increase top-of-funnel lead generation we built a series of PPC ads in various sizes for Google and Facebook. The campaign pointed to a custom landing page that contained a special discounted offer for the platform.

2 page sales brochure

To assist the sales team in their outreach efforts we created a 2 page brochure that could be easily attached to follow up emails. The goal of the brochure was to communicate the value of the platform in a succinct package that could be shared with various stakeholders throughout the dealership.
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Pricing page

During the course of our engagement Scan123 decided to update their pricing model. We worked together to design and develop a new pricing page in WordPress that was able to accomodate a monthly/yearly toggle.
View the live page

Blog post creation

To increase organic traffic and brand reach we wrote a series of SEO-based articles to post on the Scan123 blog and distribute to their prospect list. Topics were based on customer interviews about the aspects of Scan123 that have been most impactful to their day-to-day operations.
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Landing page design and buildout

To broaden their available market Scan123 is in the process of expanding into adjacent markets. To appeal to different business types we broadened Scan123’s messaging and built new landing pages and email content to support the sales and SDR outreach efforts.

Repositioning a SaaS-based accounts payable
solution to move down-market and appeal to a larger
audience segment.

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