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Polyswarm is growth stage company with a groundbreaking product. A crowdsourced cybersecurity marketplace built on blockchain technology. Ahead of their initial coin offering, they sought to create a brand presence that would instill confidence in their investors and future clients. We started with their website and expanded the engagement include print collateral, event booth graphics, and custom illustrations.

We had a great experience working with Ben. His ability to quickly grasp the complexities of our product and translate them into a user-friendly web experience was very valuable. He brought a deep knowledge of UX principles to the team and helped us design just about every aspect of our brand presence. 

Adrian Escude, CMO, PolySwarm
Brand style guide

We started with exploration to determine the appropriate look and feel for the new brand. When we aligned on a direction, I created a . comprehensive style guide to ensure consistency across various mediums. 


When we began work on the website, it was important to align the team on the structure and narrative of each page experience. We used low and high fidelity wireframes to quickly iterate on the content structure to find a direction that completed our predefined objectives. 

Full-fidelity design

The website was built in phases. We designed high value pages first such as the homepage and “how it works” page and then moved on to interior pages with less traffic.

Custom illustrations

PolySwarm is a highly complex and technical product. To simplify the concept for a broad audience we built a series of custom illustrations to better explain the features and benefits for each potential audience.

Email templates

PolySwarm is a growth-stage company which means new needs arise every day. Throughout the course of the engagement we worked together on email templates, brochures, booth graphics, blog graphics, illustrations and more. 

Website designs

How it works
Security Experts Overview
Landing Page

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