Repositioning a SaaS-based accounts payable
solution to move down-market and appeal to a larger
audience segment.

Project overview:

Transcepta is a SaaS-based AP Automation company. Over the past 11 years they have experienced steady growth and reached profitability. Their objective was to increase growth rate and valuation to create the opportunity for a meaningful exit after years of hard work.

To accomplish their goal we worked to reposition their product to appeal to a broader market segment and build a new core messaging strategy. We then applied their new messaging across their marketing and sales materials to align their team and create consistency. We are now working to increase top-of-funnel lead generation and accelerate bottom-of-funnel sales efforts.

Ben’s diverse skill set and knowledge have been a huge asset to us over the past year. He’s a one-man marketing department that can turn around projects quickly with great communication. Since we started work he’s helped us rebuild our website, create new sales collateral, manage and market webinars, and dial in our messaging and positioning. His work has transformed our brand and helped us win more deals.

Shan Haq, VP Corporate Strategy

North star

Because we had plans to update content across the entire organization we first created a “north star” messaging document which cemented Transcepta’s elevator ptich, problem statememts, value statements, customer testimonials, comptetitive positioning, and messaging points. We used this document as the foundation for all other content creation to force consistency across different mediums.

Website strategy,
content, and

We began the site redesign by creating a series of content documents in Google Docs. Once content was finalized we built out high-fidelity wireframes so we could align the team on the structure of the site. The website was built with conversion in mind, with multiple soft conversion points to support lead generation.
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Landing page creation

To support top-of-funnel lead generation efforts we created a series of PPC landing pages. We also worked to build landing pages for case studies, whitepapers, webinars, and other content offerings.

Product datasheets

To support the sales team and help accelerate bottom-of-funnel opportunities, we created a series of product datasheets the team could use to enhance outreach efforts. Datasheets were short and punchy with value-based content to help position Transcepta as an authority in the AP automation space.
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Case studies

Case studies were created to support sales efforts and increase lead generation on the website.
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Email marketing

To help keep Transcepta top-of-mind, we send a bi-weekly newsletter containing new content and upcoming events. We also manage communications for webinars and other content offerings to ensure Transcepta’s voice is consistent and prospects are receiving regular communications.

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