Extending the reach of an online college to increase
student awareness and boost registrations.

Project overview:

The International Sports Sciences Association College of Exercise Science believes that the health and fitness of our society can be significantly improved by our students’ success as health, sports and fitness professionals. Their overall objective was to grow by increasing the number of new and returning students.

To accomplish their goal we took a multi-pronged approach, optimizing their landing pages for conversion, solidifying their messaging, and setting up email marketing workflows to engage their audience. We also worked on building new marketing and sales collateral to arm their Enrollment Advisors with educational content to give potential students the information they need to make a decision.

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Sarah Marin, COO

North star

Because we had plans to update content across the entire organization we first created a “north star” messaging document which cemented ISSA’s elevator pitch, problem statements, value statements, customer testimonials, competitive positioning, and messaging points. We used this document as the foundation for all other content creation to force consistency across different mediums.

Promotional videos

To support top-of-funnel lead generation we created a series of short promotional videos to be used as Youtube ads. Each video targeted a different student segment and helped augment traditional PPC advertising.

Website strategy, content, and wireframes

We began the site redesign by creating a series of content documents in Google Docs. Once content was finalized we built out high-fidelity wireframes so we could align the team on the structure of the site. The website was built with conversion in mind, with multiple soft conversion points to support lead generation.
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Website design

Once the content and structure of the site was complete we incorporated typography, colors, and imagery to bring the site to 100%. The pages were then built out in the Hubspot.
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College degree guide

ISSA’s primary piece of collateral was a 45 page densely worded document that read like a legal disclosure. To improve the experience for potential students we paired the document down to a 6 page highly visual PDF that helped quickly answer student questions. Not only did this help the sales team guide prospects, it proved to be a much more tempting offer that helped increase lead generation.
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Top of funnel lead generation and deal acceleration for a
SaaS-based document management solution

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